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How do I find the right firearm for me?2023-06-26T14:19:55-04:00

Just ask! If you’re overwhelmed by the choices you have, schedule an appointment to come see us. Tell us what you think you need, what size budget you are working with, and we can help you find the right firearm for you. And, since we don’t carry a large inventory, we won’t just try to push you to what we have in the case, we will search for what is best for YOU, even if we don’t sell it.

How do I order a firearm?2019-11-07T15:36:59-05:00

Call, text or email us!

If you are looking at purchasing a firearm, we would love the change to serve you! We can offer you a quote for the item you’re looking for, or tell you where you can get it the cheapest!

The best way to get a quote is to fill out our “Request a Quote” form on our home page. When you fill it out, provide as much information you can so we can give you the most accurate quote available. If we can’t come close to the best price, we will send you a link to where you can find it at the best price available.

If you accept our quote, give us the go-ahead and will will order the firearm as soon as possible.

Most Pistols take 2 days to arrive, while Rifles, Long Guns, accessories, and ammunition will usually arrive within 3-5 Days of ordering.

How do I visit the store?2019-11-07T15:28:28-05:00

Make an appointment! 

We like to give each customer time and space to shop, learn and ask questions without being pressured or feel silly about asking questions. And, with a limited staff, our hours and availability change from week to week. Head over to our appointments page to easily and quickly select a time to come see us.

When you arrive, the shop entrance is around the back side of the building. There will be steps leading down to the entrance. See you there!

What items do I need to purchase a firearm?2019-11-07T15:26:05-05:00

Purchasing a firearm can seem difficult, but the process is really quite easy, as long as you pay attention to the details!

First, you must be of the right age and citizenship to purchase firearms. For Rifles and Shotguns, the buyer must be at least 18 years of age, with proper state issued Id (ID card or drivers license); and for long guns, out of state personnel can purchase items from Pennsylvania dealers, as long as the item is legal in their place of residence.

For Pistols and Receivers, the buyer must be at least 21 years of age, reside in the state where they are purchasing the firearm, and have proper ID.

A Proper ID is the following:

    • Issued by the State you reside in, either Drivers License or State ID (PA does not allow Concealed Carry License to be used as ID)
    • ID must be current and not expired
    • Address on the ID must match the address that you live. (Official change of address cards can be accepted with original ID)
    • If you are Active Military stationed in the State of Pennsylvania, but not a PA state citizen, you must bring a copy of your orders placing you in the state for all purchases/transfers of Pistols or Receivers

For more information on the paperwork 4473 see here

  • After all paperwork and background checks are completed, you will need your desired form of payment. We take cash and all Major Credit cards.

How do you Purchase a firearm online?2019-11-07T14:55:30-05:00

We make it as easy as possible! Anytime a firearm is purchased/sold online, it must be shipped to a Licensed dealer to complete the sale. During your checkout process, the seller will most likely ask who the firearm is being shipped to (your preferred dealer). Some sellers even have an option that allows you to select the dealer from a list or search.

Since we like to make life easier on you, we can already be found on all the most popular online firearms retailer websites. (If you find a site we are not listed, let us know and we will try to get listed!) Select us as the receiving dealer at checkout and the seller will send us the item once they verify all license information is correct and current.

If we are not listed, we will have to send our license to the seller. Simply fill out the transfer request form with any information you may have, and we will figure it out from there!

Once the item arrives, we will send you an email with a link that will allow you to schedule a time for pickup.

See our “What do I need to purchase a firearm” section to learn more.


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